The Exposition Novelty™ table was originally introduced in 1878. With its superb workmanship, exquisite and elaborate inlays, and elegantly carved legs, it represented the contrast between the decade’s sophisticated culture of innovation and the country’’s untamed West. Accordingly, this stately and detailed table was the judge’s favorite of the age, winning gold medals in San Francisco and Cincinnati Expositions. 

Brunswick Billiards has chosen to revive the Exposition Novelty in a limited edition of 25 tables to celebrate and honor its 165th anniversary. Each table includes a limited edition matching cue rack and cue. This table’s heritage design speaks to a bold era of art and culture in America and around the world. Its elegance finely represents how Brunswick has been connecting generations of billiard enthusiasts throughout its 165-year history. 

  • SIZE : 9 ft.
  • FINISH : As Shown
  • POCKETS : As Shown
  • LEGS : As Shown
  • SLATE : 1″
  • COLOR : Brunswick Green
  • CLOTH TYPE : Brunswick Stain-Resistant Cloth