Inspired by Isabella of France, who married King Edward II of England, the Isabella by Brunswick brings history, royalty, and high society to mind. It’s exquisite design elements echo the periodÂ’s grand palaces and elaborate furniture incorporating exotic materials from around the world. Rare rosewood and Karelian birch, recognized for it’s rarity and enduring beauty, are used extensively throughout to highlight the timeless beauty of this modern tour de force. A matching Isabella cue rack is included with every Isabella table purchase. Due to the unique, high-end features on this table, the availability may vary over time.

  • Size : 9 ft.
  • Finish : Rosewood
  • Stone Options : Fossil Stone
  • Pockets : As Shown
  • Legs : As Shown
  • Slate : 1″
  • Color : Brunswick Green
  • Cloth Type : Brunswick Stain-Resistant Cloth